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“Aldonna was able to facilitate our discussions as well as engage by providing us some business consulting which really helped us in developing a much better plan that we can move forward in helping our company as well as our client partners.”

Terry Brock

Aldonna Ambler is a wonderful person. I highly admire her confidence and abilities. She is a consummate professional. I sought her services to assist in overall strategy of my business, as well as marketing. I took the steps that Aldonna suggested and found them very helpful. I was highly satisfied with her services.

Terry Brock
Achievement Systems, Inc.

David Behrman

The unique thing about Aldonna is her integration of standard corporate consulting while considering interpersonal relationships within an organization.

We engaged Aldonna because we wanted to essentially shake-up our business and explore opportunities outside of the normal model. The unique thing about Aldonna is her integration of standard corporate consulting while considering interpersonal relationships within an organization.

We were highly satisfied with all services provided by Aldonna.

David Behrman
Behrman House

Linda R. Chicano

She has a unique style which came across during her talk – - empathetic, yet motivating.

Linda R. Chicano, President
The American Society of Women Accountants

Dawn A. Miller

Your presentation was enlightening and original.

Dawn A. Miller, Program Chairperson
Women in Management

Frances Burnstein

The Chamber has been sponsoring various workshops and seminars for the past several years and I am pleased to tell you that yours on the subject of “Hiring for Excellence” has been the most successful!

I say successful not only in the terms of attendance but measured by the feedback we have received from those who attended. It was the feeling of those who were there, that the session was well-planned, extremely well-presented, that the information was timely and very valuable and the text that you had prepared was in itself worth the session.

Frances Burnstein, Executive Director
The Greater Cherry Hill Chamber of Commerce

Mildred Partesi

Her ability to capture the participants she addresses and establish linkage with them (even those hard to reach individuals) is a real gift. I don’t think anyone could ‘throw’ her.

Aldonna is like a breath of fresh air in the industry. She is brilliant, alert, positive and visionary.

Mildred Partesi, Executive Directior
Motivation Plus

Richard Shapiro

We wanted to let you know how valuable your report was to our organization. We have held several internal meetings over the last few months to discuss both your observations and recommendations that you outlined, based on the Strategic Working Session, we held in January. As a result, we have decided to implement several of your suggestions involving how our company is organized, and how we can become more effective marketers of our services.

One of your more important suggestions of soliciting feedback from our current clients is being done as we speak.

We look forward to working with you again after we have had an opportunity to review the comments from our clients and see what our next steps should be from “the eyes of the consumers.”

In the interim, please feel free to use our name as a reference at any time. We were thoroughly impressed with your knowledge, your ability to quickly assess our situation and your insight into how we can successfully transition to the “next step.”

Richard Shapiro, President
The Center for Client Retention

Margery Krevsky

[Aldonna] is the best interviewer I have experienced in radio.  I loved her connecting all things I have done to specific business principles. No wonder the show is a success.

Margery Krevsky, President
Productions Plus – The Talent Shop

Colette Hering

I attended a Chamber meeting and Aldonna Ambler was the guest speaker and she spoke about how to have your company work better for you. Make sure you have the right employee in the right job to better service your company and the customer. Employers need to be open to change, stay current with the times to be able to generate more growth.  Every day we compete with other businesses and with each other. We need to be more focused, better listeners, give real information, make better decisions and the money will follow. Aldonna also said we all want to succeed, we need to work smarter not harder. I learned a lot about how to grow my business and make it the best it can be. I also learned that I need to make improvements with myself. Aldonna Ambler was an inspiration to me on many levels!

Colette Hering
Manager of Marketing and Sales
Warrington, PA

Growth Strategy Tip


Aldonna was asked to lead a planning session for the State Chamber’s Executive Committee, all of whom are CEO-level executives with necessarily strong opinions and personalities. She was able to manage the process and bring them to consensus...

Joan Verplanck
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

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