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Having FUN Can Be a Powerful Growth Strategy for Attracting Top Talent


Growth Strategy - Have FunFrom a marketing perspective, one of the most valuable awards a company can win is inclusion in published lists of “best places to work.”

The nomination forms for those lists often require information about the company’s participation and donations to the surrounding community (civic responsibility), data about financial stability and profitability, evidence of providing fair compensation and reasonable benefits to employees, details about career advancement opportunities and statistics about employee turnover. Also, the nomination forms also include questions about the all-important “happiness” factor.

Being an accountant has not been viewed as a glamorous career, so it is interesting to see CPA firms included on the lists of “best places to work.” Go ahead…Google Withum Smith + Brown, PC. You’ll see information about a regional accounting firm that has been included on the lists of “best places to work” for several years. They also appear on several lists of “fastest growing” companies.

The readers of NJBIZ frequently see WS+B display advertisements that feature a photograph of their Managing Partner Bill Hagaman. A tall thin man, he played basketball and still coaches. I know Bill. He is also a good person.

Go to YouTube, and you will find videos of WS+B’s annual flash mob to celebrate each New Year. If you can’t imagine conservative accountants dancing to modern music, watch their videos. Who wouldn’t want to work where the managing partner dances?

Generation X, Y and Millennial employees crave challenge, inclusion and more frequent celebration of little successes.

Does your company need to take a hint from an accounting firm about how to attract and retain top talent…by being more fun?

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