When you read the first 3 entries in this series of blogs about NJ’s budget crisis, did you conclude that

-           those problems could only happen to the government?

  • What about General Motors? Bethlehem Steel? Lehman Brothers? 60% of new businesses?

-          elected officials value power and control more than business leaders?

  • What about the fact that 98% of all privately held businesses remain “micro-sized incorporated careers”?
  • What about the glass ceiling? Corporate politics? Insider trading?

Ignoring the Numbers and Borrowing Against the Future During Good Times

Ask yourself if your

-          current financial stresses could have been moderated if you too hadn’t assumed that the good times would just continue

-          routine includes in depth analysis of causal trends rather than just results-focused percentages

Avoiding Conflict and Hoping to be Rescued During Bad Times

Ask yourself if you are STILL not addressing your

-          friction between business partners
-          over dependence on a key leader or a few large accounts
-          chronic recurring profitability or cash flow problems
-          when and how to replace a long term unproductive or disruptive employee
-          unrealistic revenue projections in your proposals to outside investors

Resisting Consolidation and Forcing Disaster Today

-          Ask yourself how bad things must get before you will learn more about:

  • how acquisitions, asset purchases, joint ventures, and mergers really work
  • succession strategies, equity deals, ESOPs, and IPOs
  • alternative business models
  • new approaches to market research to reduce your risk of being blindsided
  • how to recognize complementary companies and become an attractive partner

5th in a Series –

About Aldonna Ambler:
Aldonna R. Ambler, CMC, CSP has earned the right to be called The Growth Strategist®. She built a suite of companies that help privately held mid-sized companies in Achieving Accelerated Growth With Sustained Profitability® through opportunity and resource analysis, strategic planning, executive advisory services, growth financing and targeted search. She provides 40-50 strategic and keynote presentations each year and has done so for 30+ years. A multi-award winning entrepreneur, online talk show host and highly esteemed economic development advocate, Ambler continues to broaden her participation on corporate boards and serve as a growth financing intermediary for mid-sized businesses ($20-$200 million in revenue).

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