Growth Financing

Aldonna serves as an intermediary for companies seeking growth financing. She has access to a large network of venture capital groups that fund varied types of companies/industries. In this role, she provides consultation and assistance by reviewing and/or improving the business plan, rehearsing for negotiations, and obtaining copies of all documents to present to prospect investors. Rather than a fee for this service, she receives commissions based on the Lehmann formula.

Growth Financing Intermediary

The availability of appropriate financing to fund accelerated growth is as important as having a powerful strategic plan. To help our clients successfully implement their strategic plans, we have established working relationships with several investment bankers, venture capital firms, private funds, and angel networks. These relationships reduce the amount of time and expense it takes for our clients to secure growth financing.

We’ve done the research to know who invests only in biotech, who values a balanced portfolio, who requires seat(s) on the board, and who will expect to cash out before 5 years. When we serve as intermediaries shopping deals for clients, we use contracts based on the industry standard Lehmann Formula (not “Lehmann Plus”). Our funding clients have primarily been B2B (business to business) technology driven manufacturers, service firms, and/or distributors.

The Service Industry Fund

Growth-oriented service firms face the additional challenge that bankers have understandably never liked non asset based lending.  Service firms lack the collateral (facilities, equipment, and inventory) necessary to qualify for most commercial loans.

A group of private investors now look to AMBLER to surface business opportunities and evaluate the scalability and profit potential of service firms for their review.  They evaluate the top two opportunities when they convene on the first Monday of each month. Now in its 15th year, the typical investment of The Service Industry Fund is $5 M. This approach does not compete with SBA guaranteed loans or Jump Start loans that are available through technology council(s). This particular fund invests in well established service firms that are poised for global expansion, could become franchises, are leading a roll up or industry consolidation, etc.

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Growth Strategy Tip


Aldonna Ambler played a key role in driving the rapid growth of MarketingWorks, Inc. [In addition to having] a strategic growth plan in place, we obtained appropriate growth financing, have a much stronger management team; we have expanded our services and are already profiting from our new marketing department.

Gerry Bogatz, President and Founder
MarketingWorks, Inc.

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