AMBLER Has Four Distinct Approaches to Strategic Planning

AMBLER acknowledges the fact that change is happening faster and faster. It is important for its clients to improve, be more effective and efficient, prevent and solve problems, etc. while they are engaged in strategic planning. It makes absolutely no sense for an organization to stop progress while they do strategic planning. Life goes on.  So AMBLER® has developed approaches to strategic planning that are tailored to each client’s needs. Improvement processes parallel the strategic planning process so the client is in a stronger position to implement its strategic plan.

  • AMBLER’s ACCELERATE approach to strategic planning is used for organizations with no chronic recurring problem, sufficient access and use of objective information to guide major decisions and no significant teamwork challenges. This approach, which is used the least often, moves directly into growth strategy and includes very little focus on short term performance improvements.
  • It is not enough for a client to have a great long term growth plan if its short term resilience or profitability is at risk. AMBLER’s CATALYTIC approach to strategic planning is utilized for clients that have an acute or chronic recurring problem like tight cash flow or high turnover. This approach includes a focused problem solving process that parallels the strategic planning process.
  • Being in synch matters. AMBLER’s SYNTHESIS approach to strategic planning is used with clients that are experiencing behavioral symptoms that could interfere with successful implementation of a growth strategy.  Dysfunctional symptoms like blame, silos, avoidance, distrust, passive aggressive communication or limited cooperation often mean that a previous successful strategy has been played out and needs to be updated or replaced.
  • AMBLER’s INSIGHT approach to strategic planning is best for organizations in which important decisions are being made with inadequate or outdated information (guesses). A process of market research parallels the strategic planning to surface market needs and priorities, shed a light on industry trends and competition, weigh pros and cons of various opportunities and help clients leverage strengths.


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