ACG-WOL’s Growth and Sustainability: Mining Your Resources

“Tomorrow’s best products solve today’s frustrations and problems.” –Aldonna Ambler

Come find out why ACG NJ is one of your most powerful resources and how to cull the resources from your ACG network. ACG-WOL’s an evening of Roundtable Discussions will provide a unique “hands on” opportunity to work with other ACG professionals in interactive round table discussions.

In preparation of the event we interviewed Aldonna Ambler, The Growth Strategist to seek her views on why and how this may be an important topic and how to begin to utilize the resources we have available to us. In addition to being an award winning entrepreneur in her own right, Ambler has led strategic analysis and growth planning for over 800 B2B companies. She hosts the weekly talk show, The Growth Strategist®, where she interviews Presidents/ CEOs of INC 500 companies.

To frame the context of the discussion Aldonna points to three current trends in the marketplace that heavily  influence the dynamics of growth and a company’s ability to emerge successfully. We will discuss these trends and how they influence the four foundations of sustainability and growth: Technology/ Innovation, Marketing/Branding, Human Capitol and Equity/Debt Financing.   

One, Innovation: Presidents of the most successful privately held midsized companies seem to emphasize innovation.  To develop the right products/services, a company needs meaningful timely market research.  It’s not surprising that private investors have stepped up their demands for current very relevant market research. Tomorrow’s best products solve today’s frustrations and problems. Once business leaders can select the best problems to solve through innovation, the emphases of their marketing, staffing, and financing become more evident. The point is, it pays not to jump right into the details of staffing, marketing, and financing without being centered in innovation & differentiation.

Two, Tough Decision Making: Real wealth can usually be traced back to decisions made during tough economic times (like today). One reason is that market research is more accessible and affordable during uncertain times. Cash tight customers are more apt to express themselves and whine about their challenges. Although that fact can be difficult for your sales people, that information is exactly what is needed to guide innovation.

So often, busy people participate in their own professional or industry societies.  CPAs network with other accountants. Serious management consultants are in IMC. ACG is an excellent example of an association that provides important interaction for members across industry lines.  Interaction with one’s customers and other people who influence your customers can be very enlightening and plays a role in crucial market research that guides innovation, staffing, marketing, and financing.

Three, Executing the Plan: You can feel the momentum and excitement in a business where innovation and staffing, marketing, & financing strategies are in synch and are being executed well. The energy is palpable. But the average company is strong in one of these “pillars”, just OK in another, and weak in the third. So behind each sob story told at a cocktail party about a lousy boss or concerns about layoffs is lack of congruence between marketing, staffing, and financing. The pillars are incredibly interdependent.

 The ACG WOL Nov 1st round table event provides an excellent opportunity for each of us to hear great examples, ideas, and suggestions. That opportunity will pay off even more if we learn a little about the source of suggestions. Come learn and share with your peers for a unique evening of networking.


Known as The Growth Strategist®, Aldonna R. Ambler, CMC, CSP helps rapidly growing midsized companies (typically $20 – 200 million/year) realize their goal of Achieving Accelerated Growth With Sustained Profitability® through opportunity/resource analysis, executive coaching, strategic working sessions, and her intermediary role regarding growth financing. Her clients are among the brightest, most ambitious business leaders whose names now appear on published lists of the fastest growing privately held corporations. The recipient of 23 prestigious awards for her success as an entrepreneur and industry leader, Ambler hosts a peer-to-peer-to-peer Internet radio program, aptly called The Growth Strategist®, which features lively interviews with CEOs of midmarket companies who have successfully executed the growth strategy of the week.  She can be reached toll free at 1-888-Aldonna (253-6662), by e-mail at or online at

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I am so grateful to have worked with Aldonna. Her guidance helped our company build a practical plan. We’re still growing and still using the tools she taught us!

Jodi Ferrer
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