Energize Your Enterprise

Growth strategist, Aldonna Ambler, opened our fall conference this year with a message designed to help re-energize our existing enterprises. The eight major points of her presentation were based on the word ENERGIZE.

E – Aldonna encouraged members of National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) to ENVISION AN ENTERPRISE.  “So many people who enjoy working with their hands or designing systems never make the transition to seeing themselves as presidents or their businesses as anything beyond incorporated careers,” says Ambler.

N- She reminded us to NOTICE THE NUANCES. “In this day and age of low unemployment, customers are getting used to the poor service provided by understaffed companies,” said Ambler.  ”Encouraging your team to look for little ways to impress your customers can go a long way toward creating a competitive advantage for your firm.”

E – Aldonna suggested that we EMPHASIZE THE ELEMENTS THAT ENCOURAGE EXPANSION of our businesses. “Often our customers are trying to tell us what to do more often, and we just don’t do it. Why is that?” She shared a few stories about how the expansion of her businesses has been based on client preferences.

R – Instead of “re-engineering,” Aldonna suggested quarterly RE-ALLOCATION meetings. “It’s important to intentionally look for money (e.g. $5000) that is being spent on the “old way of doing things” and redirect that money to the future.” Several years ago, such reallocation would have involved a switch from typewriters to computers. Today, a reallocation process might redirect one’s marketing and sales to online options and e-commerce.

G – Aldonna encouraged NSCA members to GO FOR THE GOLD. “There are a few classic plateau levels that NSCA firms have difficulty moving past. To make the leap past a plateau, the owner must change the scale of his/her thinking.” She gave examples about how small firms can acquire larger firms and finance the acquisitions on accounts receivable.

I – She encouraged us to INVOLVE AND INVEST in key people because controlled turnover is an essential ingredient to success. She shared several examples about ESOPs, equity deals, and profit sharing.

Z – Stood for ZIG, ZAG, ZOOM because Aldonna encouraged us to remain flexible.

E – Aldonna ended her presentation by encouraging us to ENJOY THE EVOLUTION. “As soon as you think you have figured out everything about your business, you are in big trouble. Facing challenges/solving problems/rising to the occasion is half the fun of being in business.”

Growth Strategy Tip


Thank you for coaching us through the first year of planned growth and helping us achieve our first milestone. Your coaching, wisdom, experience and astute business acumen are deeply valued and appreciated.

Mary Clare Garber
Princeton Legal Search Group

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