Clay M. Bullers


It has been my pleasure to use the services of Ambler Organizational Consultants, Inc. on two occasions thus far (and will again).

Aldonna Ambler has given presentations to both our company employees and to a rather independent group of franchise owners. She is very organized, concise and does a quality presentation. Our groups have rated her the best ever of all the various speakers we have employed.

Aside from feeling good about the presentation, our people have put into practice many of the points Ms. Ambler suggested to them.

Clay M. Bullers, Regional Director
H&R Block, Inc.
Cherry Hill, NJ

Ray Smith

I recently organized a sales meeting for our group at the Seaview Country Club in Absecon, NJ. As part of our agenda, I arranged a guest speaker and I would like to recommend her…

Aldonna Ambler is owner and president of a management consulting firm in Cherry Hill specializing in organizational analysis, business strategy and planning, and change management. Her presentation to us was Staying Motivated and Organized In Your Sales Efforts; other presentations include Success Factors, Responding to Customer Needs, and Selling Professional Services.

Among her impressive list of clients are Certainteed Corporation, Eastman Kodak Research Labs, and GAF Corporation; and now, the Chilton Company.

She received excellent reviews from our group. She is a bright, dynamic speaker and “psyched” our sales force for the 1987 selling season.

I recommend her both personally and professionally.

Ray Smith
Chilton, a Branch of the ABC Publishing Companies

[video] Ryan Lowe

“What an amazing message she gives on how to grow your business, how to market your business and…really giving some techniques that I’ve never even thought about!”

[video] Jeffrey Cohen

“…She seemed to understand how to break through the ceiling we created for ourselves…and she gave provided us with a roadmap and toolset to grow”

Michal Langweiler

Aldonna Ambler worked with the Ozone Pure Water Co. over a two-year period. She helped this fast-growing small business organize, define, and set short term and long range goals.

Ms. Ambler talked and worked with administration, office personnel, operations people and sales people. She never “did” a task for an employee but showed everyone the steps needed to achieve his goal.

She was a great asset to administration by helping us to see beyond day-to-day tasks so administration could begin to plan long-range goals. Ms. Ambler helped administration articulate these goals.

Ms. Ambler was instrumental in helping the various departments at Ozone to communicate with each other for the benefit of the company and, therefore, themselves.

Ms. Ambler also spent considerable time in sales and marketing so sales campaigns and marketing strategies were coordinated and cohesive. The sales department learned how to plan sales campaigns. They actually practiced cold-call techniques and read many books recommended by Ms. Ambler.

Most of the employees reacted favorably to the consulting experience and were anxious to make the recommended changes.

I was very satisfied with the work Ms. Ambler did for Ozone. I would highly recommend her for any type of organizational consulting a business might need.

Michal Langweiler, Vice President
Ozone Pure Water Company

Dr. Tanya Maximoff

Thank you your presentation at our first Networking and Info/Dinner held on October 9, 2012 at The Columbia Inn Restaurant in Montville, NJ.

Your topic: “Execute the TRIPLE/DOUBLE Option” got everyone thinking. Your intense passion for your subject made for a very enjoyable and informative event. It held everyone’s attention and made the learning entertaining and exciting. I’m sure every attendee will be using of one your techniques to “wake up” and do something different in order to grow their business.

Also, we are grateful to Melissa Norcross for all her help in organizing with me and our Evening Activities Committee comprised of Ilene B. Green, Margaret Miller-Sanders and Sally Vreeland Novak and Dana Gillan our Administrative Assistant .

On Behalf of our entire Chamber, thank you for making this a successful Chamber event.

Dr. Tanya Maximoff, CCSP
Director, Montville Township Chamber of Commerce

[video] Bill MacMillan

“This was the most satisfying…strategic plan led by Aldonna Ambler.

She did terrific research…She really knew us! Instead of just facilitating a strategic plan, she really was more of a consultant who kind of led us in some different directions…She really was a leader of the plan and not just a facilitator.”

Stacey Kammerman

I appreciate [Aldonna’s] time and confidence in me and the company. [Her] support is invaluable at this very crucial time as we prepare for rapid growth. I feel stronger each day knowing I have [her] as a trusted advisor.

Stacey Kammerman
KAMMS Worldwide

Joan Verplanck

Aldonna Ambler [is] arguably the most competent and compelling business consultant in the region. Aldonna serves on the State Chamber Board, and has been honored as the National Association of Women Business Owners as Woman of the Year. She is an author, keynote speaker and motivator of audiences large and small.

Aldonna has served as the kick-off keynoter for the statewide SBA/State Chamber Small Business Conference, garnering the highest approval rating of any speaker we’ve had to date. She connects with her audience almost immediately, primarily because she is one of them. Unlike others who may teach because they cannot “do,” Aldonna teaches from her experience as a highly successful business woman.

If you need a fine consultant or a compelling speaker, I’d highly recommend you contact Aldonna and get on her schedule.

Joan Verplanck, President
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Growth Strategy Tip


Since I’ve met and know most of the most respected strategic planners in the country, it is notable that I chose Aldonna Ambler to take us to the next level.

Roxanne Emmerich
The Emmerich Group, Inc.

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