Consider A Different Industry to Transform from Corporate Manager to President of Your Own Business


As the recession deepens, more and more people will be leaving high paying managerial positions within major corporations and starting their own businesses.  Whether the change from corporate management to business ownership was a lifelong dream or just forced early retirement, even the brightest corporate managers are in for a rude awakening when they step into the unprotected world of being an entrepreneur.  As a manager within a large corporation, [you] have access to systems, resources, advice, and infrastructure. That bean counter in the accounting department may be annoying, but the reality is, errors on your budget get addressed.

You may be one of these people and assume that you should stay within the same industry and stick with what you know.  But that decision ignores the scale of the career change from corporate manager to company President. That one decision cues you to continue corporate manager behavior instead of learning how the President of a company would analyze situations and reach decisions.

Marjorie Perry of Newark, NJ is an excellent example of person who made the career change from a successful corporate manager (3M, Johnson and Johnson, United Airlines) to President of a company by going into a completely different industry (MZM Construction).  Perry has a reputation for keeping things moving and never quitting. She had very strong credentials, but for her business to grow, she recognized that she would need to go back for her MBA. As a result, MZM has new systems for estimating and managing projects, hiring, etc. “I have had to reinvent myself about every 2 years,” says Perry about her 18 year journey with MZM Construction. Even Perry had to try several people in the “#2″ role to now be positioned for further growth despite the recession.

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