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If your bright, caring, hard-working, dependable, trustworthy, problem solving people are your company’s competitive advantage…take a fresh look at your recruitment and selection processes. Having team members with those attributes is fabulous, but it quickly becomes both your optimizing and limiting factor.

Make sure your marketing is focused as much (or more) on the attraction of employees as customers. Does your website have a section for job applicants and open positions? Does it include employee testimonials conveying why they think that accepting a position with your company was one of their best life decisions? Does the section include information about the company’s mission, philosophies, and code of ethics? Does the section provide examples of career advancement and educational opportunities? Have you posted video from the event when your company was named one of the “Best Places to Work”?  And it’s not just your website. What about media press releases? You Tube videos? LINKED IN and other social media?

Consistently, insistently, persistently convey that your company is always looking for new talent for your team.  When you are giving an industry speech, are colleagues hearing that you have job vacancies?  Can they clearly hear the attributes you value? Could your closest friends describe the attributes your company values so they can speak up if/when a neighbor’s son/daughter is looking for a job?

Provide incentives for everyone in your company to contribute to recruitment.  People tend to choose friends who are like themselves. Bright people who are continuous learners don’t “hang out” with the school drop-out. Do your employees get a bonus for referring friends or relatives to apply for work at your company?  Maybe they shouldn’t receive the bonus until their friend has successfully past an initial probationary period (90 days?).  Those bonuses cost your business much less than it costs to replace and train employees.

Contact colleges, but go further than just the job fairs.  Employees can often remember the names of their best professors. It pays to directly contact professors to ask for the names of students who earned high grades, but were not necessarily the most outspoken students.  Most companies do not really want to hire arrogant people.  In general, the humble achievement oriented people are more likely to stay, learn, and be promoted while arrogant employees are more likely to job hop.

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