Guardian Angel/HUB Role

Because AMBLER specializes in the strategic needs of growth-oriented midsized companies, the strategic plans of many of our clients feature dramatic or transformational change(s).  For example, one client may be ready to become a franchisor. Another client may conclude that acquisitions need to be added to their mix.  Another client may launch an exciting new product line. A family owned company’s strategic planning process may surface the need to dramatically speed up its leadership succession.

We stay involved to make sure that our clients will be able to execute their strategic plans in a cost effective manner.  Our clients are bright, capable, hard working, experienced, ambitious people.  Their success is in their hands.  They own their implementation.

Dramatic or transformational change often means that our clients will be doing something they have never done before. Some clients consider hiring a new member for their executive team to lead a dramatic process, but usually they only need to contract the services of specialists for a defined period of time.  Our client doesn’t waste their time or risk expensive errors because their dramatic change effort has involved experienced experts. And they have the added benefit of learning as they work with the specialists.

AMBLER clients benefit from our extensive network of expert resources. We have been in the growth business for over 30 years and can connect our clients with various attorneys who have proven track records and expertise in franchising, licensing, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, equity deals, initial public offering, estate management, international trade, etc.  We know specialized accountants, IT firms, executive search firms, market research firms, PR companies, sales trainers, merchandising experts, project management leaders, HR specialists, compensation experts, commercial realtors, venture capitalists, angel investors, etc.

As a result, most of our clients want us to participate in the selection of implementation specialists. We know their strategic plans.  We know them.  We are already invested in our clients’ success. Plus, frankly, it pays to have us watching the implementation process.  Vendors act more like strategic partners when they know we are the client’s guardian angel.

Growth Strategy Tip


[After attending] Aldonna's presentation…no lack of power there. Her knowledge, passion and commitment are astounding…pure genius. There were several very big "ah-ha" moments that left me very charged and emotional. I feel fortunate to have been in the presence of such talented, crafted individuals.

Donna Cardillo
The Inspiration Guru

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