Implementation Advice

This service is completely tailored for each client.

One client will want weekly phone consultations for the President and semi monthly consultations for other members of the executive team.  Another client will ask AMBLER to provide frequent consultations for the leaders of the departments that are most impacted by the strategic plan, and request only monthly consultations for the President.  The needed results for each element of these contracts are spelled out.  It is not just a matter of hours or minutes to AMBLER or our clients.  Our advice speeds up implementation, prevents expensive problems, and teaches important skills.

AMBLER Growth Strategy Consultants, Inc. has maintained at least 93% repeat business for over 30 years.  Think about that.  As specialists in the strategic needs of growth oriented midsized companies, we are not providing maintenance services.  Unlike something like bookkeeping services, no company needs outside assistance with strategic planning on an ongoing basis.

Growth Strategy Tip


Aldonna is very perceptive. It's amazing how quickly she grasps the unique strengths and weaknesses in a company. Her assessments and recommendations about local entities served as an important spring board for my work with local presidents within the region. She has worked with bright executives, appreciates the complexity and is constructive in her advice.

Fred Pike
Formerly of Ricoh/IKON Office Solutions

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