Mindshare Contracts

Our most ambitious clients recognize the value of being in Aldonna’s mind as she:

  • conducts research for strategic plans,
  • leads strategic working sessions and retreats,
  • advises executives as they implement their strategic plans,
  • screens and collaborates with new executives and implementation specialists for clients,
  • interviews Presidents of midsized companies for her weekly show,
  • screens deals for the monthly meetings of the Service Industry Fund,
  • shops for other sources of growth financing for clients,
  • provides speeches at business conferences and corporate annual meetings,
  • writes blogs, articles, white papers, books
  • serves on boards and participates in economic development initiatives


Each year, a limited number of clients have mind share retainers with Aldonna. She constantly watches for opportunities for these clients. At the end of each day, she reflects on what she has read, who she spoken/met with, where she has been, etc …and makes referrals.  She makes sure that the clients with mind share retainers have received at least 300% return on their investment by the end of the first quarter.  That way, the rest of the year is “gravy.”  Hundreds of millions of dollars of growth for her clients can be traced back to their mind share retainers.

Growth Strategy Tip


I wish we had met Aldonna five years ago. If you’re looking at your company and it seems that everything is on track and opportunity seems to be there but something isn't working right, hire Aldonna. She catches the important leverage points that help make companies with potential grow--exponentially

David Leboff
President/Co-Founder Expaticore

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