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A company’s marketing can certainly benefit from awards.  Organizations that are on the lists of “Best Places to Work” save money on recruitment.  The effectiveness of a public relations (PR) firm is underscored by PRSA “Pepper Pot” awards. Business owners can convey their recovery from a previous downturn by appearing on the various lists of “Fastest Growing Companies.” Marketing Directors usually figure out which awards are worth the time and effort.  The focus is on getting awards that help reinforce your brand and the benefits of doing business with your company. If your brand has anything to do with focusing on your customers, it pays to nominate your customers for relevant awards. 

 One of our clients is Princeton Legal Search Group, LLC.  Recently, we were delighted to nominate Mary Clare Garber for an “Emerging Leader” award.  She loves to network and enjoys making so many other people look good.  It’s been a no brainer to nominate one of my mentors, Joan Verplanck, for various community service and leadership awards. We nominated Anne Klein of AKCG for inclusion in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s list of “Women of Distinction.”  In my opinion, she should have been included on that list YEARS ago, so we must not have done our part strong enough before…but we are working on that.  Mike Lackland certainly deserved our nomination of Storage Assets for “NJ – Family Business of the Year.” Amenta Emma Architects won an award for an advertising campaign which helped to promote their incredible talent as designers and project managers. Granite City Electric won a “Most Improved” award within an electrical wholesale industry group. We are currently looking for awards related to Association Headquarters International and BLINK Reaction, Inc.

It pays to learn where a client attended college because “Alumnus of the Year” awards mean a great deal to most people. My father is an “Alumnus of the Year of the Hershey School for Fatherless Children.”  I am fairly certain that award still means more to him than even being named “Teacher of the Year” at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Which of your customers deserve recognition for innovation? Creativity? Customer service? Industry leadership? Community service? Job creation? 

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