Pick Up Speed


Does this sound familiar?

The tedious process of major prospects makes your sales people sound like they are waiting for several decisions.

The production department(s) express agitation about waiting so long for the accounting department to distribute financial reports. They want to know how much gross profit they generate and if the numbers suggest they have to hire, make do, or lay off anyone.

And the marketing department can’t tell if they can start working on their new campaigns.

It’s not a good sign when your department heads are waiting and looking for data.

Yes, you need timely financial reports about how last month, last quarter, and last year turned out.  But creating better results for next month, next quarter and this year is more important.

Putting department heads together once/month to compare projections for the next month, the next three months, the next twelve months pays off. What revenue can they count on for each period? What is the best educated guess about additional revenue that can reasonably be expected? What direct costs (COS) can already be projected? Which capacity utilization and billing multipliers apply to improve the short term future?

Accountable department heads do not just coordinate, react, and allocate resources on a day to day basis. They learn the metrics and create next month’s success, next quarter’s improved results, and next year’s growth.

Are your department leaders putting their heads together to compare projections and make decisions to get ahead of day to day implementation and create success?

This is especially important if/when your company is going after larger more complex clients. A client going through a merger or IPO will bring even more bureaucracy and delay. To prepare for larger accounts, it’s essential to pick up speed and get ahead of your own day to day process. 

Is your sales manager looking for ways to leverage and replicate the lessons learned from major proposals?  Is the marketing department finding ways to multi-purpose the contents of published articles, speeches, webinars, etc? Is the production department creating standards and delegating tasks down as far as possible?  Does your accounting department need to move beyond just reporting the past results to become a resource to the other departments?


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