Speaking Testimonials

Suzanne PeaseAldonna Ambler is one of the most insightful people I know. In every situation, whether it be a consultation, a workshop, a speech, or simply a conversation, she goes to the heart of the matter and sees options and opportunities that make sense. Each time I have heard her talk, she comes up with some gem of a concept that brings an “ah ha” moment.

Aldonna thinks big and encourages others to do the same. She gently nudges you to take the next step, not settle for good when you can attain great; all the while making you feel pride in your accomplishments.

Suzanne Pease

Owner, Ampersand Graphics

Past National NAWBO President.


cheryl bironAldonna Ambler conducted a seminar about Strategic Planning that really ignited creative strategic thinking in me and the other participants. The seminar audience was composed of CFOs, other finance executives and owners of businesses that were mainly privately-held and family run. Aldonna’s tools certainly inspired the group to identify the key issues that would make the most difference in driving a business forward toward growth.

Cheryl Birons

President & CEO

One Horn Transportation


Cheryl Beth KuchlerAldonna never fails to deliver! She gave our membership a tremendous ‘push’ in the right direction for dealing with the current economy.

Participants and I have been quoting her left and right. We truly appreciate the wonderful insights as well as practical advice that she gave – probably three hours of material in 1/3 of the time! Many thanks!

Cheryl Beth Kuchler

CEO Think Tank


Marla BaceIf you are interested in taking your mid-sized business or business skills to the next level, you want Aldonna. Aldonna’s presentation and methodology on business strategy engaged me thoroughly after years of both doing and consulting on business strategy. After engaging Aldonna, I quickly realized her no-nonsense formula for consumer insights and market research coupled with real world experience would add value to any business.

Most importantly, Aldonna cares for her clients and wants what is in their best interest! In short she is a great resource for anyone in business who wants to do grow their business or just enhance their own personal well-being.

If you are interested in taking your mid-sized business or business skills to the next level, you want Aldonna.

Marla Bace

Circles, a division of Sodexo


Mary Clare GarberAfter attending Aldonna Ambler’s workshop on Achieving Strategic Growth hosted by Sobel & Co.], I walked away with a new and different perspective on our business and how we are creating and supporting our own growth.

Aldonna is a master facilitator whose unique ability is to guide a group through creating the big picture and devising practical solutions for implementation. You know that phrase “don’t try this at home?” The expression applies here. Aldonna created a working environment for busy company owners which allowed us to quickly conclude what is growth, how do we spark it, support it and are we in the way of our own growth?

As a business owner, if you can see the trends or factors that may spark organic, acquired or accelerated growth in the marketplace you are more adeptly prepared to be successful in achieving your business goals. In this context Aldonna is teaching us how to achieve our own accelerated growth.

Mary Clare Garber

Princeton Legal Search Group


Aldonna Ambler…takes the time to get to know the persons who are in her audience , where they are in their journey, and proceeds to give them an articulate roadmap to arrive at their intended destination

Robert E. Douglas

Douglas Seminars and Presentations


Miriam Kurtzig Freedman, M.A., J.D.[Aldonna is] both practical and inspiring, smart and funny, and very helpful. [Her] approach to have others join my journey to create movement and bring people along is new to me. It’s clear and, I felt, doable! Thanks so much for that sense of empowerment.

Your coaching was clear and now it’s up to me. I am very grateful for your time and generosity.

Miriam Kurtzig Freedman, M.A., J.D.

Stoneman, Chandler & Miller LLP


Aldonna is a dynamic, resourceful individual with a bright, innovative marketing mind. As a keynote speaker, she expertly blends enthusiastic deliveries with timely content. She clearly illustrates her points with relevant examples to help audiences instantly relate to the topics she covers. Fellow [SUCCESS] speakers view Aldonna as an invaluable mentor who willingly offers positive feedback and guidance.

Arthur K. Olsen, Jr.

Manager, SUCCESS Symposia (retired)


Peggy McGillin,CFP(R)Aldonna has helped me at every company I have worked at since becoming a member of the start-up world almost 20 year ago. I consider Aldonna not only an indispensable advisor but also a good friend (that I would like to see more). Aldonna has a lot of very cool businesses and projects cooking all the time but the one where I think you could help each other is with finding excellent business owners to be the guest on the weekend Growth Strategist radio show.

Peggy McGillin,CFP(R)


Journey Financial Planners


cindy vThank you for so generously sharing your expertise and your time with us. Your presentation to NSADC [National Speakers Association Washington, DC, Area Chapter] was absolutely terrific and right on the mark. Thank you for giving us a huge perceptual shift about corporate sponsorship. You give it such a human face. Thank you for so generously sharing your expertise and your time with us.

Liz Fletcher-Brown

Co-Chair for Programs Planning, NSADC


Jean GatzAldonna is very sincere and approachable in her delivery, added great value to our chapter, and we were honored to have her as our presenter.

Aldonna inspired a roomful of “awakenings” when she spoke to our New Orleans chapter of the National Speakers Association. She challenged my thinking to “awaken” some of my clients who are in need of new perspectives on how to succeed today. I gathered a wealth of ideas that I am still working on implementing. Aldonna is very sincere and approachable in her delivery, added great value to our chapter, and we were honored to have her as our presenter.

Jean Gatz

Past President, NSA New Orleans


Geri SwiftThank you very much for being a panelist at the WBENC luncheon. Sharing your story was inspirational to the other women, and we appreciate your honesty and candor in doing so.

Geri Swift


Women’s Business Development Center,

Women’s Business Enterprise Council of PA-DE-sNJ