Caroline Shelly, LEED APAldonna was positive and upbeat to my negative outlook on my business and the economy. I called myself a "reluctant business owner" and she gently replied that most business owners out there were just that, "reluctant." Her comment gave me hope and with her coaching and insights, she has helped me to turn my company around by 112% in a year. Aldonna brings to the table the skills to help sort out both the day to day business needs while keeping the future in mind as to where the business is going. I was lost in the weeds of my business and she helped to pull me up to the tree tops. There is still plenty of room for me to grow but with her coaching, I am aiming to reach the clouds. I highly recommend Aldonna to anyone seeking sound business coaching sprinkled with a sense of humor.

Caroline Shelly, LEED AP
HF Planners

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhDWorking with Aldonna Ambler is an invitation to join an exclusive club. When others in my field hear of my work with Aldonna I listened to raves about how fantastic she is and what a gift I have given myself. The truth is they are so right. In addition to her amazing skills in growth and strategic planning for my company, her objectivity, insight, willingness to go the extra mile, along with her investment in all aspects of my work, she is simply an absolute joy to work with.

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD
Dr. Dorothy

Donna Cardillo[After attending] Aldonna's presentation…no lack of power there. Her knowledge, passion and commitment are astounding…pure genius. There were several very big "ah-ha" moments that left me very charged and emotional. I feel fortunate to have been in the presence of such talented, crafted individuals.

Donna Cardillo
The Inspiration Guru

Thank you for conducting a most dynamic seminar [for] our members meeting. Growth and change are critical issues in our industry. Your enthusiastic, participative style was very well received. This session was particularly effective because you were able to package practical solutions into a thought-provoking and enjoyable presentation through the use of relevant anecdotes and humor.

Steven Cunningham (retired), President/CEO

Aldonna has been a very valuable business confidant, advisor, motivator and mentor. It is very obvious to our management team that she has a keen insight into and genuine interest in our business and our success. She has had the flexibility to meet our ever changing needs by providing services in various capacities for key positions, served as a link to other resources and, because she is an excellent motivational speaker, she was featured at our annual company meeting.”

Mary Casey
Former CEO, HealthBridge, Inc.

John KrigerAldonna Ambler was my business coach for the past year and she is outstanding! Anyone having the opportunity to work with her will be far better for it.

John Kriger
Kriger Consulting

Roxanne EmmerichSince I’ve met and know most of the most respected strategic planners in the country, it is notable that I chose Aldonna Ambler to take us to the next level. Not only did we create a plan to go to $100 million that makes perfect sense, what is significant is that we all now believe we can do it rather effortlessly…so was the teambuilding that happened with our leadership team. Absolutely one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I had great expectations, and she blew right by them within minutes.

Roxanne Emmerich
The Emmerich Group, Inc.

Phyllis MicahnikWhen attending any business function, I always scan the sponsors and speakers, looking for one name. That name is Aldonna Ambler.

Even if the topic does not fit my needs precisely, I will be there. Why? Because I KNOW I will take back not just one but many tidbits that can help my business. The air is electric with ideas. She pulls them out of your mind.

She MAKES you think big!”

Phyllis Micahnik
A-1 Collection Service

Vincent Izzi Program Manager,Aldonna was the lead instructor for the IBM Executive Business Institute's (EBI) Owner's & President's Program which was acknowledged by all participants as an outstanding program.  As testimony to her success, she was again selected by EBI to be the lead instructor to deliver another program in Prague to senior executives of IBM's Eastern European channel partners.

Aldonna brings a wealth of experience as well as a practical approach to successfully address complex business issues.

Vincent Izzi Program Manager,
Business Partner Executive Education Programs IBM Executive Business Institute

Jeff Cohen, Vice President of SalesSince working with The Growth Strategist®, our company and management team, our corporate culture as well as our growth has been on a trajectory. We’ve been transformed through working with her. I would highly recommend her to help you navigate whatever issues you may have.

Jeff Cohen, Vice President of Sales
Image Works, LLC.

Gerry Bogatz, President and FounderAldonna Ambler played a key role in driving the rapid growth of MarketingWorks, Inc. [In addition to having] a strategic growth plan in place, we obtained appropriate growth financing, have a much stronger management team; we have expanded our services and are already profiting from our new marketing department. The Growth Strategist® is a driving force in this growth and improvement and a valued sounding board. I couldn’t ask for a better or wiser advisor.”

Gerry Bogatz, President and Founder
MarketingWorks, Inc.

Fred PikeAldonna is very perceptive. It's amazing how quickly she grasps the unique strengths and weaknesses in a company. Her assessments and recommendations about local entities served as an important spring board for my work with local presidents within the region. She has worked with bright executives, appreciates the complexity and is constructive in her advice. Her assignments work.

Fred Pike
Formerly of Ricoh/IKON Office Solutions

Greg WilliamsAldonna Ambler, The Growth Strategist®, gave me valuable insight that allowed my business to grow.

Over the 21 years that I’ve been in business, I’ve worked with several individuals and organizations that professed to have the skills, knowledge, and insight that would make my business strive. None performed like or better than Aldonna Ambler.

If you’re seeking someone that’s not out to enrich her pockets with your dollars, but instead someone that will be genuinely concerned with the well being of your business, and someone that has the skills to enhance your business, I strongly suggest you reach out to Aldonna Ambler.

She’s known as The Growth Strategist® for a reason. That reason is, she knows how to create growth in a business … and like she did for my business, I’m sure she’ll create growth in your business, too.

Greg Williams
The Master Negotiator

Robert R. ShapiroYou taught us not only how to lead a horse to water but to drink it too.

Robert R. Shapiro
The Center For Client Retention (TCFCR)

Susan W. FellWe knew we needed help to articulate our vision and make it happen. We were fortunate to discover Aldonna Ambler who offered solid, expert advice. She guided us to focus on our core business, streamline our methods and market effectively to our customers. We were so successful that investors came calling, and we sold the business (not our original objective) to another company. Aldonna and her team showed us the way to success on many levels.

Susan W. Fell
Formerly of Wyckoff Publishing

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhDIt's been wonderful working with Aldonna. I wish I could work with her everyday. Just not enough time in our schedules.

I recently created an assessment scale with immediate, positive results with a new prospect. I never would have thought of the scale on my own. Aldonna encouraged it and then suggested the focus group which made it so much better. I thank her so much for creating this opportunity. Her exquisite skill in Growth and Strategic Planning is working marvelously.

Aldonna is a perfect match for our current needs and our future plans.

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD
Dr. Dorothy

Sue Rehmus, What we were able to accomplish was nothing short of triumphant. And to do so in 8 hours is truly stunning.

Thank you for your energy and your commitment to our collective cause.

Sue Rehmus,
MSAA Board of Directors

Gayle Carson, CSP CMC
I am writing this to you out of great respect and admiration. I asked you to be a keynote presenter at our GROW! 2013 conference and follow it up with a breakout session. I knew of your great accomplishments but wasn’t sure anyone else was and so I asked you to please share your story.

Your keynote was amazing and you bared your soul. Your breakout was jam packed and at our wrap up of “Miracle Moments” you were quoted by at least five different people as having an impact on their practice.

You are not only an accomplished consultant, woman, mentor and guide, but you are a truly inspiring individual and sent our attendees off with a renewed spirit and enthusiasm. I cannot endorse you enough as someone who should be addressing people and professions of all different areas, as everyone can learn from your wisdom and experience.

Thank you once again for such a marvelous journey.

Gayle Carson, CSP CMC
Co-chair GROW! 2013 The Management Conference for Consultants organized by the IMC

Daniel J. Haurey“[Aldonna] renewed [our] focus on profitability. Also, redefining my role in the company as president. Doing things which are helping us achieve our goals. She helped us define appropriate goals to grow. [Aldonna] also, explained why some of our goals we had were not correct. We had loosely defined goals…now we have concrete goals. Validated that the new ones are achievable.

The Ambler Growth Strategies were applicable for my business as they would be for any industry. It works!

If you're interested in growing, what you have in Ambler is someone who specializes in "Growth" not a general business consultant or coach. We've done that. We've never met someone who specializes in and is an expert in Growth. This is a rare find. You need Ambler!"

Daniel J. Haurey
President and CEO of Exigent Technologies LLC

Robert Waller, Jr., CAE
When we engaged her for the strategic planning sessions, we discovered an added benefit. She had both run her own businesses and worked with very large businesses so in addition to the facilitator function we hired her for she also provided very important Business Consulting services. This added benefit of her experience lead to us being able to ultimately develop a better plan.

Robert Waller, Jr., CAE
President and Chief Executive Officer of Association Headquarters

Bob DiQuollo
Aldonna has a very quick grasp of business situations and is able to help lead you to solution.

Bob DiQuollo
Founder, Principal, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Financial Advisor/Brinton Eaton Associates, Inc.

David LeboffOur company is operating in a massive and fast growing market, but we observed our competitors growing at a more rapid pace that we were. We knew something was missing from our equation because although we are very well respected in our market, our growth was not sufficient and our margins were declining. We assumed that our need was funding. We began reaching out for consultants who could help us in that direction, but we also were seeking a partner who could provide knowledge and guidance concerning the growth model for our company.

During this search, we discovered Aldonna. Aldonna was incredibly clear on the strategy that she would use to assist our company. Ours is a complex business, but, beyond my expectations, Aldonna quickly learned about our business, our market, our clients, and understood our needs. She interviewed people, read every document that she could get her hands on, and was a committed part of the process. Although we thought we needed funding, Aldonna quickly identified that we needed to get ready to grow first--funding would come next.

I wish we had met Aldonna five years ago. If you’re looking at your company and it seems that everything is on track and opportunity seems to be there but something isn't working right, hire Aldonna. She catches the important leverage points that help make companies with potential grow--exponentially.

David Leboff
President/Co-Founder Expaticore

Jodi Ferrer

I am so grateful to have worked with Aldonna. Her guidance helped our company build a practical plan. We’re still growing and still using the tools she taught us!

Jodi Ferrer
The Perfect Promotion

Marla Bace
Aldonna's presentation and methodology on business strategy engaged me thoroughly after years of both doing and consulting on business strategy. After engaging Aldonna, I quickly realized her no-nonsense formula for consumer insights and market research coupled with real world experience would add value to any business.

Most importantly, Aldonna cares for her clients and wants what is in their best interest! In short she is a great resource for anyone in business who wants to do grow their business or just enhance their own personal well-being.

If you are interested in taking your mid-sized business or business skills to the next level, you want Aldonna.

Marla Bace
Circles, a division of Sodexo

Mary Clare GarberThank you for coaching us through the first year of planned growth and helping us achieve our first milestone. Your coaching, wisdom, experience and astute business acumen are deeply valued and appreciated.

Mary Clare Garber
Princeton Legal Search Group

Miriam Kurtzig Freedman, M.A., J.D.[Aldonna is] both practical and inspiring, smart and funny, and very helpful. [Her] approach to have others join my journey to create movement and bring people along is new to me. It's clear and, I felt, doable! Thanks so much for that sense of empowerment.

Your coaching was clear and now it's up to me. I am very grateful for your time and generosity.

Miriam Kurtzig Freedman, M.A., J.D.
Stoneman, Chandler & Miller LLP

Ron McFarlandHaving spent most of my career in a large Japanese corporation, when I joined a small Japanese company, I had a lot to learn. Aldonna has taught me an immeasurable amount, through both listening to her weekly Growth Strategist radio program, and being a guest on it. I don't think I could have achieve what I have without her advice.

Ron McFarland
Unika Company Limited

Lynn S. Evans, CFPI really appreciate the fact that [Aldonna] is there for me to speak to because there is no one else I can talk to who knows me and can distinguish between cold feet and a genuine concern about any issues I am dealing with.

She does not make me wrong for acknowledging my feelings about things and can help me to sort it out. She guides me through conversations such that I end up making the decision but gives me other angles from which to consider my fears and concerns. I can’t speak to my employees about it, nor my advisors (CPAs, Attorneys, or colleagues) because it might put me in a place of their questioning my viability as a business. But I know she will be the devil’s advocate and see what I risk in not moving in a certain direction, and be my best supporter when I need some encouragement to make some changes. She really gets it.

Lynn S. Evans, CFP
Northeastern Financial Consultants, Inc.

Thomas A BelliaWe engaged Aldonna when we wanted to double our business. She worked with our management team to raise the bar on out company’s goals & worked with us individually to organize and define a strategic business plan. I remember Aldonna telling me that if we wanted to double our business, then we needed to act like a company of that size. There was a 5 phase plan created to get us to a $50 million dollar company. We did very well using that plan until the big dot com bust and then our business fell with the rest of the economy.

Recently my brother and I have decided to bring our sons into the business. We brought in Aldonna to help us create a succession plan. She interviewed our sons and used that knowledge to help us see where they best fit into our business. I always enjoy working with Aldonna because she thinks differently than we do. In a short period of time she is able to grasp what you are trying to accomplish and is able to help you reach your goals. Actually, Aldonna is able to push you past your original goals and guide you in a direction that will allow you to surpass those goals.

Thomas A Bellia
Bellia Office Furniture

Richard ShapiroWe engaged Aldonna’s services in 1994 and have been using her regularly. About every other year I bring Aldonna in to facilitate a meeting with my team. These sessions are always successful, largely due to the way Aldonna prepares and follows-up for the sessions. Prior to the meeting, she interviews each staff member, so that she has an understanding of their personality, their beliefs and their background. She has a great ability to precisely incorporate the information from those interviews into a productive discussion. After the session, she does a wonderful job recapping the meeting.

Our sessions with Aldonna always re-energize my team. One thing that I appreciate most after working with Aldonna for so many years is that she really knows my business, my team, and their personalities. I can call Aldonna about a situation and get her advice because she knows the people and the business. Aldonna always gives good, specific advise to make the situation go away or improve. If I was approached by an individual or company about Aldonna I would tell them that she is insightful…she gets it. She understands business and does an excellent job learning, very quickly, each of her clients. She easily learns the personalities of a team and uses that to make the team stronger. She is a good listener and really hears what you tell her.

When you have a small business, it is important and extremely helpful to have someone on the outside to talk to who understands your business and who is respected for what they do. Aldonna is that person for my business and me.

Richard Shapiro
The Center For Client Retention / ENTREVISTA

William MarinoI’ve always enjoyed working with Aldonna and have found her to be a strong facilitator with a good understanding of the group planning dynamic and able to bring out the best ideas from the group.

A value added partner for organizational planning and execution.

William Marino
Horizon BC/BS

Joan VerplanckAldonna was asked to lead a planning session for the State Chamber’s Executive Committee, all of whom are CEO-level executives with necessarily strong opinions and personalities. She was able to manage the process and bring them to consensus through her unusually strong ability to listen carefully and synthesize what is being communicated. So many times agendas can be taken off track by the “alpha” member. Aldonna made the most of the meeting time allocated, with everyone feeling that their own individual viewpoint had both been represented and heard. Aldonna gets it done.

Joan Verplanck
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Stacey KammermanI hired Aldonna at a time when I was looking for direction to take my company to the next level. Aldonna helped me develop ideas and broaden my concept of the company’s potential. She guided me through the venture funding process and executive hiring. I learned many things that I will carry throughout my business for years to come.

Stacey Kammerman
KAMMS Worldwide

Thomas BrackenThrough Aldonna’s directives, we were able to create a strategic and practical plan for our business. Her level of accountability draws out the best of the audience though productive discussions. She is successful due to the grasp she has on business processes and her ability to take that knowledge to help mid-size companies grow larger.

I have sat on boards with Aldonna and can tell you that she brings the same level of thinking and process improvement to the board as she does to her clients.

Thomas Bracken
Tri State Capital

Terry BrockAldonna Ambler is a wonderful person. I highly admire her confidence and abilities. She is a consummate professional. I sought her services to assist in overall strategy of my business, as well as marketing. I took the steps that Aldonna suggested and found them very helpful. I was highly satisfied with her services.

Terry Brock
Achievement Systems, Inc.

Tom IsenbergWhen we decided to go through a formal strategic planning process, we asked other companies who they had used and Aldonna’s name kept surfacing. At the time we first engaged Aldonna, our sales had been flat after several strong years. Her insights were one of the things that helped restart our growth.

Aldonna gave us several conceptual tools for making our organization more efficient and creating a process for analyzing business opportunities in a consistent and disciplined manner. She also helped point out mental road blocks, which allowed us to improve more quickly than we otherwise might have. Aldonna has a heart of gold, and I have a lot of respect for her and what she does in her business.

Tom Isenberg
Western Extralite

Steve HelleI worked with Aldonna for the first time in 1992 with my previous company where I was the Vice President. Aldonna was hired to assist us coming out of the recession. Our business had dropped from 28 million to under 20 million and we had fired 35% of our staff. We hired her to first get us back on track & then to help us grow. We set, with her assistance, a strategic goal to generate more than $100 million in sales by the year 2000.

During the next 6 years, we hired Aldonna to do numerous things, such as creating cross functional teams within the organization, focus groups with our vendors and most importantly, focus groups with customers in an effort to define our strengths and weaknesses. She facilitated 10-13 different groups for us each focused on strategy, alternate markets, completely new or foreign markets and cutting edge technologies other businesses were using.

Aldonna helped us think on very different terms and pushed us to think “outside the box” long before that term was fashionable. After those 6 years, the company had grown to over 130 million. Aldonna was certainly a part of the reason for that growth because she set the tone and made the team look at itself and the company differently.

In my new business, I have hired Aldonna for strategic coaching, P&L consultation, as well as personal coaching. Aldonna is an out-of-the box thinker. She is dynamic, no nonsense, aggressive and not standard. She presses you to grow, which I believe is healthy and good for any business regardless of the product or service it provides.

Steve Helle
Granite City Electric

David BehrmanWe engaged Aldonna because we wanted to essentially shake-up our business and explore opportunities outside of the normal model. The unique thing about Aldonna is her integration of standard corporate consulting while considering interpersonal relationships within an organization.

We were highly satisfied with all services provided by Aldonna.

David Behrman
Behrman House