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This year I was fortunate enough to interview several bright, accomplished executive leaders of midsized companies who were also generous and candid during my weekly radio show, THE GROWTH STRATEGIST™. (Feel free to download your favorite shows from  I recorded a solo year end show and pulled out some of the gems these wonderful guests shared that seemed relevant to dealing with uncertainty.  Here’s a few:

Peter Colella is the Managing Partner of M&A specialists, The Colmen Group.  They started out in M&A and expanded into operational and turnaround consulting. Their competitors may have been seeing the same underlying problems in the business proposals submitted to them, but it was The Colemen Group that stepped up to improve success rates.  Are there problems that seem to be taken for granted in your industry?

Julie Levi, the President of Progressive Promotions, reminds all of us about the importance of going deep into large accounts.  They let “one offs” go about 10 years ago.  Progressive Promotions is also a good example of a commitment to complete change.  They hired. They changed the brand image. They invested in technology.  If you are too tired to even imagine dealing with rebranding, remember that a key team member may need the opportunity to lead that process, get it done while taking it off your plate!

Barbara Hemphill is the well known author of THE PAPER TIGER, and the leader of the ALMOST PAPERFREE movement.  Her interview reminded all of us that maintaining “a culture of innovation” can dramatically reduce the risks associated with uncertain economies. How much would it really cost you to build in time to turn customer complaints into new product ideas?

I enjoyed interviewing David Friedfeld, the CEO of ClearVision Optical.  He reminds all of us that there are good ways to stake a stand. During periods of challenge, it can feel like you are being held hostage by another. Taking a stand requires preparation, but it is important not to ever let a major vendor, customer, your employees, or your family OWN you.  Does it feel like anyone OWNS you and never paid to acquire?

Smith Yewell, the CEO of WELOCALIZE, Inc, exudes the commitment to running faster than your customers.  Think of what they need to do to provide instant wonderful translation of multiple languages for companies on their client list, like Google.  How fast are your customers moving?

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