True Differentiation Doesn’t Just Happen


Two very clear traits become apparent when you interview Presidents of truly differentiated companies.  They really do know how to listen to their customers and they focus much more on the business than themselves as individuals.  That may sound obvious and familiar because most of us have heard it before. But most of us don’t pay attention, look at our own behavior, or make changes based on it.

Smith Yewell is the President of Welocalize, Inc. Yewell’s company didn’t remain a home based consulting firm and subscription on line import/export business.   He listened to what communications companies were saying and got into the language translation business in a big way. Welocalize, Inc. invested in multiple locations for visibility on a global basis.  They have consistently upgraded their technology.  One of their 10 acquisitions was a software company that could pick up the speed of their on demand translation work. Today, they are a $60 Mil/year industry leader with Google, CISCO, and Computer Associates (CA) as clients.  Many of their top clients have been with Welocalize since Smith Yewell started the business in 1997.

Welocalize, Inc. reflects a few of the tests to evaluate if your business is truly differentiated:

Does your business address a problem, a pain, a meaningful gap in what competitors are doing? Just doing what others already do–just a little bit better–can be tiring and expensive.  Computer Associates, Google, and CISCO needed translation done well and much faster than they were able to get find elsewhere.

Is your product/service conveyed in a memorable way? Smith Yewell changed the name of the business to Welocalize, Inc. to convey the benefit (the results) of fast excellent translation services. That is more powerful than something like “TranslationsRUs,” don’t you think?  1 800 Got Junk is a more powerful differentiated name than “Jim’s Hawling Services.”

Does you business feel like a magnet pulling prospective customers, vendors, talented employees, and investors toward you? Why wouldn’t you receive several resumes each week from people who want to work for/with you when the unemployment levels are as high as they are these days?

Is everyone in your business invested in learning and continuous improvement? What is your reaction when you hear customers complaining? Do you become defensive and shift your focus to more compliant customers?  Or are you like Welocalize, Inc. and pick up your speed, invest in technology, go global, and seek the most demanding customers to sustain your position as an industry leader?

Click to listen to Aldonna’s interview with Smith Yewell – one in her series of shows on DIFFERENTIATION .

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